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Thematic programs


The Thematic Programs menu offers touristic programs according to your interests or age.


2012-08-15 18:50

It is worth visiting Miskolc anytime during the year and spending a long weekend or even a week in the city and its environs.



2012-08-15 18:57

Miskolc, the centre of the Bükkalja wine region awaits visitors with a wide selection of wines, wine tasting, Hungarian flavours and fine international cuisine.


Health and wellness

2012-08-29 15:19

Visitors can use a number of modern services among the ever expanding range of health tourism offered in Miskolc, which are supporting the safeguarding of health and promoting prevention.


Sports fans

2012-08-29 15:22

Miskolc welcomes fans of active recreation with countless sports opportunities. The city houses a number of swimming pools and sports fields, and also offers the opportunity to practice extreme sports such as wall climbing, BMX, roller skate and skateboard track in the Factory Arena.



2012-08-29 15:25

There are many couples among tourists arriving in Miskolc that wish to discover hand in hand the side of the city that is “visible only for the lovers”.


Playful tours

2012-08-29 15:29

The two city tour games of Miskolc, the Blue Tour and the Kultúrkör (Cultural Domain) offer a number of exciting adventures for those keen on playing.



2012-08-29 15:28

Just like in any other large city, shopping centres and hypermarkets can be found in Miskolc since the time of the millennium. Nevertheless it is worthwhile to mention those traditional shopping opportunities that count as the specialities of Miskolc.