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Miskolc - légifotó

Under the menu item Sights you can get useful information about the sights of the city.

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Ottó Herman Memorial House, Pelelak

Ottó Herman Memorial House, Pelelak

The extensive scientific work, political and public activities of Ottó Herman natural scientist, etnographer are displayed at the exhibition installed in his former summer home.

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Ottó Herman Museum – Painting Gallery of Miskolc

Ottó Herman Museum is one of the largest and richest museums in the countryside. Its art gallery is significant on national level.

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Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel

The neo-renaissance palace constructed between 1927 and 1930 in a style resembling a hunting castle of King Matthias is surrounded by a hanging garden and a park. The view from the hotel to the Szinva Brook valley and Lake Hámori is breathtaking.

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Petőfi-Memorial Plaque

The poet Sándor Petőfi spent the night on 8th July 1847 at his lawyer friend Sándor Vadnay. The memorial plaque commemorates that event, which was inaugurated on the building’s wall on 31st July 1949.

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The full-length bronze portrait of Petőfi, work of András Kocsis, inaugurated in 1951 is actually a monument complex. Upon the renewal of the square and the statue, relief pieces inspired by the labour movement were removed.

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Picture-Gallery - Szőnyi István Room

We can take a look at the purchasable, qualified works of contemporary fine and applied arts, thematic exhibitions are organized here regularly, too.

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Postakürt (Post-horn) Gallery

The permanent exhibition presenting the post history of Miskolc and its environs was opened in the 4th floor of the Miskolc Directorate of the Hungarian Post Plc. Historical deeds, documents, maps, objects of more than 200 years and the furnishing of a post office from the beginning of the last century help to get acquainted with the post service of North-Hungary.

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Professional Collection of the Paper Industry

The collection of the Paper Works of Diósgyőr presents the paper manufacturing from the beginning till today and displays the history of the works of more than 200 years by help of tools and models. Paper moulding can be tried here as well!

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Rákóczi-House, Dőry-Curia, Gallery of Miskolc

Rákóczi-House, Dőry-Curia, Gallery of Miskolc

The baroque Rákóczi-house is one of the most ancient dwelling houses of Miskolc, built around 1652, which was the only „felház” (up-house), i.e. one-storey house in Miskolc until 1702. It was the accommodation of Prince Francis II Rákóczi as well; its name originates from this fact.

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Reformed Church, Diósgyőr

The one-naved baroque building of the Reformed Church of Diósgyőr was erected between 1769 and 1771. Its pulpit is however of braid style and was made in 1772, one year after the completion of the construction.

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