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Trout Breeding Farm of Lillafüred

Trout Breeding Farm of Lillafüred

A special feature of the trout breeding farm, accessible from the road to Ómassa, is that the indigenous trout is bred under natural conditions, in outdoor pools.

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The cellar was constructed in the first half of the 19th century; the upper part with loft conversion was built around 1920.

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The dwelling house erected in the first decades of the 19th century belonged to the lawyer Gábor Vadnay. His friend, Sándor Petőfi, the poet spent the night on 8th July 1847 here, the memorial plaque on the wall of the building commemorates that event.

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Votive Cross

The votive cross erected in 1831 after the cholera epidemic stands by the end of Lake Hámori, at Hotel Palota, beside the main road

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Wax Museum

The most populated wax museum of Central Europe is exhibited in the cannon-sites of the casemates of the Castle of Diósgyőr, 67 figures of six life scenes evoke the flourishing middle ages of the 14th century.

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Wine Cellar of the Pauline order

The baroque wine cellar of the 18th century can be found in Baráthegyalja in the former Száffka-grape cultivation area, near to the building complex of the Pauline order. The neighbouring plots and the wine cellar are today in private ownership.

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Wooden Church

Wooden Church

A church existed in this site since 1698; but it was made of wood, therefore it frequently burnt down.

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