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Miskolc - légifotó

Under the menu item Sights you can get useful information about the sights of the city.

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Castle Bath of Diósgyőr

The Castle Bath of Diósgyőr is situated in the neighbourhood of the Castle of Diósgyőr. In the bath two pools are expecting the visitors seeking for refreshment: the water depth of the 20x25 m swimming pool is 185 cm, whereas that of the 15x10 m bathing pool is 80 cm.

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Castle of Diósgyőr

Diósgyőri vár - Tóthné Gergely Judit

The Gothic castle was built in the 14th and 15th centuries in the place of a castle from the 12th century that was the engagement present of the queens for centuries. The castle was in its glory in the age of King Louis the Great. Today it is one of the most important monuments of the country.

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Cave Bath ****

Cave Bath ****

The cave bath in Miskolctapolca, unique in Europe with its thermal karst water was known as a popular bathing resort of Benedictine monks from the 16th century.

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City Hall

The three-part classicistic block of the City Hall was erected in the 19th century, however all sources prove that the city hall stood always at this site.

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City Hall Square

City Hall Square

The City Hall Square is one of the historical squares of Miskolc, edged by monument buildings and housing important institutions, among others the City Hall and the County House.

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County House

County House

The baroque building of the County House, originally built in 1727, received its classicistic form between 1811 and 1836. The allegoric wall-paintings of the assembly hall are the works of Dezső Bokányi, who belonged to the Benczúr-school.

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Durell Statue

The portrait of Gerald Durell, British natural scientist, created from bronze by Zsolt Jószay, was inaugurated in 1998 in the Miskolc Zoo.

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Dwelling House - Batthyány Street 1

Dwelling House - Batthyány Street 1

The baroque dwelling house was built in the middle of the 18th century; then it was reconstructed in the 19th century in eclectic style.

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Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

The one-time school of the reformed church, located at the foot of Avas, originating from the 15th century houses the exhibitions of Ottó Herman Museum.

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Gyula Feledy (1928) is one of the recognized personalities of contemporary fine arts. Creations representing the life-work of the graphic artist are displayed at the art-exhibition.

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