Flood Monument

The bronze relief mounted on a stone pedestal is the work of István Gárdus. The Szinva Brook cutting through the city bursted its banks on 31st August 1878, the masterpiece commemorates the victims of the devastating flood in Miskolc.

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Szinva Valley walkway

The 4 km long trail, lined by information posts follows the natural and cultural historical values of the Szinva Valley, the Small Plateau (Kis-fennsík) and the Garadna Valley. Rest areas installed along the trail between the 7 stops are an opportunity for relaxation.

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Szinva Terrace

Szinva Terrace

The square was constructed in place of a parking area in autumn 2005. The levels of the square consisting of terraces and steps lead to Szinva Brook, which has elevated water-level, and to the artificially built up and illuminated waterfall.

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