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Age of Dualism

After the military disaster of Mohács won by the Turks (1526), Miskolc fell to double powers. Its role increased, as the town was the scene of events of national significance. The delegates of 13 counties on King Ferdinand's (1526-1564) side held a Diet in 1526 and a (partial) Diet in 1541 in the church built on the Avas Hill.

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Avas Hill

The Avas Hill rises only 234 m high, nevertheless it’s the city’s unique and manifold treasure. Several significant monuments are located in the Avas area.

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Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

The one-time school of the reformed church, located at the foot of Avas, originating from the 15th century houses the exhibitions of Ottó Herman Museum.

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Avas Reformed Church

Avas Reformed Church

Above the city centre of Miskolc, on the side of Avas Hill the parish-church named Saint Stephen existed already in the 14th century, which was extended in 1411. Only fragments remained of the building – such as the ruin of the western tower, since the church was radically rebuilt around 1480.

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Avas Bell Tower

Avas Bell Tower

The bell tower, built in 1577 in the place of the Saint Michael Cemetery Chapel perished in 1554, is one of the symbols of the city of Miskolc: also the well-known chiming rings from here.

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