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The city’s symbols

Miskolc címere

The current coat of arms of Miskolc was designed in 1909 on basis of the pictures contained on the old signets of the city.

The city’s first signet may be found on a deed dated 7th July 1398, pressed into yellow sealing wax. Its circumscription is indiscernible, on the picture of its coat of arms a king’s head decorated with lilied crown is visible and whose identity is debated. The name of Saint Stephan was considered, since he was the patron saint of the Avas Church, however, the lilied crown refers to the person of King Louis the Great.

The next signet version originates from 1433, also in yellow wax. On its circumscription the text „Sigillum Civitas Miskolcz” can be read, on its picture the crowned head is already bearded – it depicts presumably Sigismund of Luxemburg. Next to the head on the left side the moon, on the right side a six-pointed star are visible. Its other version is also known, on which the engraving is new, supposedly it was made instead of the obsolete old one.
During a period the signet was a straddle-legged figure instead of the crowned head, later the whole body of King Saint Stephan, holding the sceptre and the pome.

This signet was used until 1687. Subsequently on the signet’s picture the figure of a hajdu appears instead of the king, holding a bunch of grapes in his one hand, and a wheat-stalk in the other.
In 1909, when the city became a municipality, the coat of arms was designed by the combination of these signets.

The coat of arms of the city Miskolc

In the red gules of the standing crest of continental shape the bust portrait of King Saint Stephen is visible in purpure costume and purple coronation cloak, embroidered with golden pictures, the Saint Crown is on his head, the head is encompassed by golden gloria. In his right hand the golden royal sceptre, in the left the golden pome with silver crucifix.

The open crowned knight helmet, placed on the crest is decorated by a Hungarian hajdu in azure dolman with gold lace and sword of golden handle, bent to his side. He holds five golden wheat-ears in his right hand and a leafy golden bunch of grapes in the left one. The cover of the helmet from the right: red-argent, from the left: azure-gold. The crest placed on the golden arabesques is supported from the right by a golden lion turning inwards, protruding its red tongue, from the left by a golden griffin also turning inwards, protruding its red tongue.

The decree no. 1/1990  of the City Miskolc amended by the decrees nos. 47/2000 and 30/1999 provides for the description of the coat of arms.

The flag of city Miskolc
Fixed to a flagstaff, prepared of a textile in traditional colour: it is of red-yellow (red-golden) colour.

The glory flag of the city of Miskolc
In its gules of golden colour embellished with red picot-edge the city’s coats of arms is visible.