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County House

County House

The baroque building of the County House, originally built in 1727, received its classicistic form between 1811 and 1836. The allegoric wall-paintings of the assembly hall are the works of Dezső Bokányi, who belonged to the Benczúr-school.

The first county house was erected between 1725 and 1727 and supposedly a part of this was included in the new building as well. The building design of the county house at the beginning of the 19th century was drawn by József Losonczy, county engineer, which was amended several times. It significantly changed in the 1940s, when a wing was built joining the end of the office building squarely, according to the plan of Ferenc Páczel.

The assembly hall erected between 1811 and 1836 burnt down, the new ceiling structure was built in 1843 on basis of the designs of Ferenc Miks, the loft was constructed also at that time. It was reconstructed between 1910 and 1912 according to the concept of Pál Árva, the “star” architect of the city. The last large-sized renewal took place in 1985.
The building’s assembly hall is embellished by allegoric wall-paintings, which are the works of painter Dezső Bokányi, belonging to the Benczúr-school. The wall-picture made by Endre Szász of porcelain of Hollóháza is visible on the wall of the small council-chamber, built in the 1980s.


County House

(+36) 46/323-011
Városház tér 1.
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