Regional centre

Miskolc is the seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. As the most populated city of the largest county of the North-Hungarian Region it plays a central role in the administration, economic and cultural life of the region.

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University city

A Miskolci Egyetem főépülete

As county seat, Miskolc has an enhanced role in the area of education: around 50 primary schools and secondary schools can be found in the city. Secondary schools play a significant role in the training of young people living in Miskolc and elsewhere in the county.

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Facts, data

Miskolc - Szinvaterasz

Miskolc is situated at the edge of the Északi-Középhegység (North-Upland) in the so called Gate of Miskolc. The city is the geographical centre of the regions of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County: the Bükk Mountains, the Cserehát, the Zemplén Mountains and the edge of Alföld (Great Plain) meet here.

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Twin cities


The twin city relationships of Miskolc are of more significance than just symbolic contracts. These important partnerships are intended to discuss the themes of past, present and future in dialogue. In this trusting atmosphere, the topics of cultural, historical and everyday cooperation can be shaped with respect the common values. The most essential component of the partnerships is the opportunity for people of different cultures and historic backgrounds to get acquainted and understand each other better. The cooperation between cities serve to create bridges between one another and stimulate augmentation of all participants.

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