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Báji-Patay-House, Catholic Boarding-school

Báji-Patay-House, Catholic Boarding-school

The Báji-Patay-House of baroque origin was reconstructed in classicistic and eclectic style in the 19th century. The Boarding-school of the Catholic Gymnasium can be found in the building, which was erected by Vencel Klier builder.

The building obtained its present form at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, when the nobles’ curia was rebuilt to a one-storey building. The one-time owner, the Báji-Patay family commissioned Vencel Klier, a builder of Miskolc with the reconstruction. Its greater renewal followed around 1927, as the city’s Music School operating here at the beginning of the 20th century moved to the Music Palace located nearby.

The building was transformed for boarding-school purposes in 1996 by using the original parts.
In the ground floor the rooms of the one-storey dwelling-house provided with an underground level are vaulted, those in the first floor are designed with plain ceiling. The steps to the first floor lead from the drive beyond the basket-handle doorway, which opens to the middle projection of the street front.

The tympanum, middle projection solutions on the building’s main façade on the street front are the characteristics of the classicistic style. The main façade is enhanced at its two edges by one pilaster of Corinthian Capital each and besides the gateway by two pilasters each.

Except for the windows in the first floor with middle projection semicircular closure the windows are straight closing. The featureless, plain framing of the windows on the ground floor is the result of the reconstructions at the end of the 1920s; the gridiron was installed on them in 1958.

Fitting to the unit of the main façade, the windows in the first floor are edged by Corinthian pilasters, above their hood mould an attractive, rich plastic ornament is running, a unique solution in Miskolc.


Báji-Patay-House, Catholic Boarding-school

(36) 46/342-200
Hunyadi street 6.
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