The Anna Cave located below the hanging garden of Hotel Palota in Lillafüred is of peculiar natural value being one of the world’s three calc-tuff caves open to the public. Most of the cavities of the cave were discovered in 1833 with the direction of miner András Stark, when searching for affluent water sources for the local iron works.

The drifts leading to the halls decorated with unusually fine, lacework-like formations were widened, stairs and bridges were built. The fame of the beautiful cave travelled quickly. One of its highly recognised early visitors was poet Sándor Petőfi who paid a visit in 1847.

By the end of the 19th century, the cave nearly sank into oblivion. Access for the public was made available again in 1912 by Ottokár Kadic.

During the construction of Hotel Palota, even more chambers were discovered, and then connected by artificial passages. The cave turned into a considerable tourist sight following the installation of electric lighting.



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